Thank you for visiting my website! I am a Hampshire-based novelist, passionate about exploring issues of gender and class through my writing.

My first novel XX won the 2019 Polari First Book Prize and was named a Guardian Book of the year. It went on to be translated into German, Korean and Turkish.

My second book, Ungrateful, will be published in the UK by Dialogue Books in June 2022.

By background, I am unashamedly working class, raised in social housing by young parents who instilled in me a great love for stories. I went on to study English at university and to train as a journalist.

I now work full time in higher education marketing, writing fiction in the early mornings and at night. I’m still an avid reader, and was honoured to be on the judging panel for the 2020 and 2021 Polari First Book Prize.

I speak fluent Mandarin and in what spare time I have, enjoy running and martial arts.